Inseparable, these two four-legged were lucky to be adopted together!

Four cats and a dog were deposited in a shelter in Georgia after the death of their owner. While three of the hairy ones are adopted, the two little ones become inseparable, so much so that their adoption is only possible if the two stay together!

After the death of their master, four cats and a dog were collected by DeKab County Animal Services shelter in Georgia. Then covered with fleas and emaciated, the animals were quickly taken care of by the volunteers. The latter decided to place the cats in cattery and to keep the dog, which needed more attention than these congeners, with them in the office.

However, the dog named Flearoy by his team of healers, has badly lived his isolation of a few days, he who had spent the rest of his life with his feline brothers. That's why Brandi Crabtree, shelter coordinator, decided to leave him for an afternoon in the cattery where his companions were. A first step that allowed the dog to get back on its feet little by little.

Shortly after, three of the cats were adopted, but the fourth, Andie, was still to be treated at the veterinary clinic of the shelter... Therefore, it was not possible to find a new home in the immediate future.

While the two animals could not bear their loneliness, one staff member made the decision to reunite them by installing them both in the room. refuge office. " They were so happy to find that Flearoy began to lick Andie, wagging his cock so hard that everything around it was falling ," said Karen Hirsch of LifeLine Animal Project and shelter manager at The Dodo

All staff subsequently decided not to separate these two best friends, even when it was their adoption.

Touched by their story as well as their friendship, Ali Carter, a young woman who had previously adopted a dog at the shelter, decided to offer a home to these two loves.

Today, Flearoy and Andie can thank the staff of the shelter and Ali Carter for their generosity they have brought to them... This attention allowed them to stay together and live now happy in a loving home.

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