Infertility in the dog and dog

The exact definition of infertility is not the fact not to reproduce but not to give birth to viable little ones. This is often the case for females that reproduce before age 2, but it is obvious that in this case, rather than talking about infertility, it is necessary to evoke a lack of maturity.

The causes of infertility Bitch

The age of the female
She must of course be pubescent to make a litter. The age of puberty varies according to breeds and individuals

The absence of heat
There may have been normal and regular cycles, then an interruption of cycles

Heat too close together
They appear every 3 months but the bitch is infertile

A gynecological examination is necessary before any projection

The projection
This step can not happen correctly, from male or female pain, inexperience of partners, poor breeding timing or psychological problem

Causes of Dog Infertility

The psyche
The male can be inexperienced, stressed, tired, marked by the memory of a bad experience

The male is not attracted by the female in heat. The erection does not occur or it is insufficient. The lack of development of the genitals, often resulting from consanguinity, is the cause of this dysfunction. The injection of hormones is no help

Sperm are not produced in sufficient quantities. Previous infections, insufficient maturity, too close projections can reduce sperm production. A spermogram is needed.

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