Indian engineer dedicates his life to dog rescues

In this country where countless stray or abused dogs are lost, a man has decided to dedicate his life...

735: this is the number of dogs Rakesh Shukla has on his farm. This computer engineer from Bangalore, in the south of India, chose to put his fortune to the benefit of the underprivileged . After creating a software company ten years ago, he led a very easy life. Until the day he realized that despite all the luxury that surrounded him, he was not happy.

A shelter for dogs that nobody wants

In 2009, Rakesh adopted a little golden retriever a month and a half. Shortly after, he collected a second stray dog. From there, his family of dogs has grown steadily... so much so that he had to buy a farm to be able to house them all.

© Facebook @ Rakesh Shukla

This farm now employs ten people and is a refuge for 735 abandoned or wandering dogs. 200 kilos of rice chicken are needed at the boarders' meals, to which must be added expenses related to their care. In total, 700 euros per day are required for the maintenance of all animals. A refuge that is far from unanimous in this country where the dog is still very often poorly considered and where poverty affects a large part of the population.

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