Incredible: when a dog becomes the adoptive father... of two white tigers!

In the north of Germany, it is a house like no other: it is Leon's, a young dog, and his "babies" adoptive, Peach and Pearl who are... white tigers.

It is not uncommon to see an animal "adopt" young of another species. Often this happens between dogs and cats, and the female becomes a surrogate mother. Sometimes it is between more unusual animals, as is the case here: Leon, a male dog, became the adoptive father of two small white tigers .

Peach and Pearl were born in a German zoo. Only one month old, they were rejected by their mother. It is therefore a careful who took care of them, directly at her home. And against all odds, it is his dog, although he is a male, who has shown them his incredible maternal instinct, as we can see in this video:

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