Incredible: a Labrador knows how to multiply!

You are not very good at math? Take some catch-up lessons with... A dog!

Beautiful Labrador Retriever is 12 years old. Since his earliest youth, his master teaches him to bark to give the result of small problems of mathematics.

An abandoned dog, gifted!

While he was still only a puppy, Beau was dropped in front of the door of the university room of Mélissa Canady. Abandoned, this baby Labrador moved the student who decided to confide it to his parents while waiting to finish his studies.

Dave, his father, was immediately excited by the arrival of the animal. Astonished by his ability and his quick wit , Dave first educates Beau to answer basic orders. The dog, very intelligent, immediately makes miracles!

Persuaded that Beau can go further, Dave gradually introduces the dog to mathematics . Understand that he teaches Beau to bark according to the number of items he carries.

So when Dave shows him a bone, Beau barks once, and when a second bone comes out, Beautiful barks twice .

Beautiful count, divides, subtracts or multiplies

From point to point, Beau is able to count the number of people sitting around a table taking care to add to the account

But dog mathematician did not stop there. It is also capable of subtracting, dividing and multiplying!

" If 3x is equal to 9, what is x? ". " Ouaf ouaf ouaf ", responds immediately Beautiful! And you have not seen anything, the dog can also answer if you ask him the question in Spanish.

But Beau is not infallible . His master still estimates that he gives the correct answers 85% of the time !

To see Beau compt in video , visit Missoulian .