Unbelievable: a Labrador is doing everything to save a dog from a torrent!

This exit between dogs and master has almost taken a dramatic turn : a walk on the banks of a river in the province of Córdoba (Argentina), one of the doggies almost died drowned...

Real saving momentum or rather great interest for the stick that held his friend in the mouth? The question may arise. Nevertheless, one Labrador rescued another, dropped into the water after running behind a piece of wood. Eager to make as useful as it is pleasant to his balls of hair, a man has indeed thrown a branch so that his little players go to recover and dive at the same time. He was far from imagining that any of them might drown . A tragedy that luckily has not happened:

Like what, anything can happen. Although players and good swimmers, dogs - like us - are not immune to an accident . Moreover, it is recommended to avoid throwing sticks at them: brittle, they can hurt them!

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