Incredible: a cat finds his family 13 years after his disappearance

13 years old, the bandit cat had disappeared 13 years ago, plunging its owners, Elizabeth and Dante Corso, into a immense sorrow .
The couple The American had naturally abandoned all hope of one day finding the little fuggy 4-foot . But a few days ago, a phone call reminded them never to, never really lose hope!
Elizabeth and Dante lived in Las Vegas when their cat ran away from their house, never to reappear.
Today in San Diego, they did not believe their ears when a veterinarian at the animal hospital Bonanza Cat told them they had found Bandit, who was wandering in their old neighborhood of Las Vegas

The couple first thought it was a joke of bad taste

"This cat has an amazing story"

It's thanks to the cat microchip, now 15 years old, that its owners could be identified. Their reunion, very moving, took place on April 4.
" This cat has an incredible story, I'd like to know, to know everything, with whom he was, where he was all these years" entrusts Elizabeth, who would like her <4>
13 other animals : 2 horses, 4 dogs, and 7 cats.
Among them, Coot, the brother of Bandit, who has never been the same after his disappearance... It is undoubtedly today the most fulfilled by this unexpected return . The two guys finally together will now be able to run happy days!

Finally together, the brothers Coot and Bandit are now 15