In this town, dog owners who walk without dung bags will be fined more than 1000 euros!

The city of Manchester, England, declares war on dog owners...

Manchester has proposed a law to punish all masters who walk their dog without dung bags on them. In case of control, if the person is unable to present a bag to pick up the poop of his dog (even if the latter has not done his needs), it can be punished with an almond of 100 pounds (about 110 euros) to pay on the spot. And if she is unable to pay this sum, she will then be fined 1,000 pounds (1,094 euros)!

Tolerance zero

If this bill were to be adopted, it would be a drastic tightening of the current legislation, since it would be a question of "preventing rather than curing": the authorities would no longer wait until a droppings was not collected to punish the masters, but would prevail even before the fault was committed . It would therefore be obligatory to walk his dog with all-out bags, and no excuse would be tolerated. Only owners who are blind or deaf would be exempt from these rules.

Let us remember that in France, collecting dung is mandatory. People who do not collect them risk a fine of 68 euros. However, no law to force owners to carry dung bags is yet planned...

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