In Switzerland, stray cats

According to a federal law Switzerland , stray cats are among the species that everyone can hunt. Indeed, it is not uncommon for these abandoned cats to be suppressed with rifle shots. The association SOS cats , which is fighting to ban this "massacre", is today heard by a politician.

Promoting sterilization, not violence

Tomi Tomek, president of the association SOS Chats, advocates for years for the stray cats Swiss . Rather than shooting them coldly, she is campaigning for sterilization campaigns to be put in place. By depriving wandering felines of their reproductive functions, the association estimates that their numbers could drop considerably.

" When we see the cats on which we shot, it is atrocious, we can only In this twenty-first century, it should no longer exist , "explains Tomi Tomek

A practice that is all the more unbearable as killed cats are supposedly wandering . " Domestic cats are increasingly carrying fleas instead of necklaces, how to distinguish them from stray cats? ," says Tomi Tomek.

A petition that made noise

But things could change. A petition for Swiss stray cats has had more than 12,000 signatures . Our Brigitte Bardot national has even rallied to this fight.

Thursday, June 16th, it is the National Councilor PDC, Luc Barthassat, which will plead in favor of stray cats slaughtered on the occasion of a motion in Bern. Politics has recently been shocked by the hunt for stray cats. The animal of one of his friends was found badly after receiving shots.

A controversial fight

For now, the massacres continue. The town of Orsières (VS) recently hired a specialist to shoot stray cats .

" The ban on stray cats will not change the problem ", estimates Sébastien Sachot, curator of the Vaudois fauna. Currently, only 5 to 10 of them , out of a population of several hundred representatives, are slaughtered per year in the canton.This occurs mostly in alpine pastures, where they attack threatened birds that nest on the ground, such as woodcock , "he says.

Hopefully the motion for stray cats will be welcomed by Swiss policies .