In a storm Harvey, a woman rescues a litter of kittens from drowning

A beautiful action.

Following a move because their The house was flooded by the storm Harvey currently raging in the United States, Tatiana and her family settled elsewhere. Not far from their new home, Tatiana discovered a litter of kittens and their mother in a very bad position . And because the kittens were laboriously trying to escape the water that rises more and more.

To put them once and for all safe, Tatiana was searched for kittens and put them in a box. As for the cat mother, she seemed wild and found refuge under the patio of another house.

In good health, the kittens are about a month old and eat very well if we have Tatiana believes that takes care of them and keeps them warm in cozy blankets .

Too happy to be dry and safe, the kittens follow their new human everywhere in the house. purring. As for the thanking for her

Happy to have been useful to kittens, Tatiana still hopes to be able to attract mom to her kittens in the days to come.

A strong nice action, especially when you see that some pet owners do not care to keep them safe.

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