In ransacking his bag, the police found a cat dying and tied up with scotch

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Sad discovery made by police in Clovis, California, this Tuesday in the bag of a young man. And for good reason, it is on a dying cat and taped that they fell inside of it...

It is on the parking lot of a supermarket of Clovis, in California, that the worst has been narrowly avoided for an adorable little red cat. Indeed, it was discovered in a bag unexpectedly by police officers who had reported the man who was wearing it.

The man? A former inmate on parole. It is for this reason that the police did not hesitate to carry out a search... and fell on the unimaginable.

The cat, stuck in the bag, had been wildly muzzled and bound to the scotch. His breathing was so weak that accused and forces of the Order believed him dead. Neither one, nor two men was thus placed in custody and the tomcat, led urgently to the vet.

And the speed of intervention of the police was saving him! Released from his painful ties as soon as he arrived at the clinic, the cat gently gave up breathing and moving. "The vet confirmed that the cat would most certainly be dead in the backpack if the officers had not arrested the suspect. It should survive without any damage"

, said the city police of Clovis on his page Facebook . And the ball of hair seems to be already on legs, as shown in this picture posted on their account Twitter


If nothing explains the gesture of the suspect, everything is well that ends well! To read on the same theme: