In Russia, bailiffs also seize cats from bad payers

To compel bad payers to pay their debts, Russian bailiffs do not do not want to seize furniture and valuables. No, when all that is left, they also take the cats .

Of course they are the purebreds that interest them, because they are sometimes worth a lot of money. And if it's about kittens, it's even better...

Several seizures of purebred cat in Siberia

Thus, as reported by BBC , a young man in front of 12 000 tax rubles, about 173 euros, would have been threatened to see her cats, a female Bristish Shorthair and her three kittens , seized if he did not pay his debt immediately. The scope was sequestrated, but the student living in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk ended up paying his dues and was able to recover his cats.

And this story is not the only one of its kind . A former businesswoman from Tomsk, Siberia, was also deprived of her four kittens, Scottish Fold, until she paid what she owed to a pension fund.

Another man saw his cat, a Scottish Fold too, and his rabbit, recently seized by ushers in the city of Krasnoyarsk because he had not paid his electricity bills, says the agency Interfax.