In love, these two cats melt Internet

Aged just 6 months Louie and Luna were recently adopted together . Since, they make the happiness of their masters and the Web as they form an adorable couple.

Attention, there is love in the air. Two young tomcats met at a Florida shelter following their respective rescue, and never again separated . A fact that has allowed them to quickly leave James and his wife were looking to adopt a dog but when they saw them together, their c & oelig; urs capsized, reported Love Meow <.

Enlaced in the paws of the other, the kittens brought the sweetness they needed. It was therefore out of the question to separate them.

Since their adoption, felines are more inseparable than ever. "They love each other more than they love us," said their new master.

Cat kiss photo, viral on the Internet

If they share everything together, from naps to meals, that's also paw in the paw they seized the Web. How? Simply: the proud owners of this adorable fur couple have posted on Twitter - just a few days of it - a photo of the two tomcats pretended kissing under the tree Christmas . And the cliché is so romantic that it immediately packed the net surfers!

"They are so perfect", "I do not like cats but yours are the best", can we read under the picture.

"Rescue cats are more grateful to their adopters ," said the young man about his cats. Conscious and happy to have done a good deed by adopting two and thus freeing two places in the shelter, he is far from regretting his decision.

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