In the midst of grooming, he offers the most touching of dances to a dog

The keeper of an Argentine grooming salon was recently filmed dancing with the one of his little customers on all fours. A touching video... that undeniably lifts the spirits in these times of repetition school and professional.

It does not practice the arrhythmia but undeniably has the rhythm in the skin. At the height of his 58th birthday, Luis Antonio Caballero is the groomer who runs the PetShop Perrito Feliz fair in Buenos Aires... at a master's step! Accompanied by his wife Gabriela, the latter daily pamper dogs that are deposited by his customers. But not only that: if he takes great care of the fleeces of the hair balls brought to him to make them clean like new ones, he strives to do it in joy and good humor.

His job ? More than a passion for the couple. Also, it is not uncommon for the man to let his happiness explode... and give a dance to the doggies requiring his services. His wife took care to immortalize the moment when he began to swing on the famous Love Shack of the band The B52s

PetShop Perrito Feliz

A video that is hot in the heart... especially when we know the groomer's love for dogs: when he is not working, he takes care of those who wander the streets to help them find a home.

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