In court for letting his dog die

A woman who let her dog die of hunger was judged Tuesday morning by the Toulon Criminal Court. The owner of Enzi, an American Staff, had left his dog alone in his apartment, without water or food, for three interminable weeks, reports Var Matin . The poor beast lived a real ordeal

A slow and painful agony

These are neighbors, alerted by an unbearable smell who had called the fire department. They discovered Enzi's lifeless body in a state of advanced decomposition on June 20, 2011, in an apartment littered with excrement and bits of furniture that the dog tried to feed on before slowly agonizing...

Several animal welfare associations, including the SPA, 30 million Friends, the Brigitte Bardot Foundation and the League Against Animal Abuse lodged a civil complaint claiming an exemplary sentence.

Absent at the time 'audition, Stéphanie R. is accused of mistreatment , detention of a non-vaccinated, untattooed, unchipped, uninsured, uninsured, and no holding dog

6 months in prison With the necessary suspension

But the associations hope to obtain a requalification of the facts of mistreatment in animal abandonment. A lifetime ban on the possession of animals could then be imposed. A request supported by the prosecutor, who has requested a sentence of 6 months suspended sentence.

It is March 25 that the decision of the court will be taken. " I am waiting for justice to be done, I hope that Toulon will rise to the level of the French courts which, for some time now, have handed down exemplary sentences, with firm prison and a life ban to detain other animals , "said Simone Salini, the founder and president of the League Against Animal Abuse, quoted by