In a coma, a man reacts when his dog comes to see him at the hospital (Video of the day)

In a coma after a heart attack, this Italian septuagenarian has little chance of waking up day. However, when his dog was able to visit him at the hospital...

Nancy is unhappy as ever since her master is no longer at his side. Yet she does not miss anything with the daughter of the latter. Aware of the ill-being of the beast that awaits the return of its owner every day, it has therefore moved closer to a program that allows patients from hospitals to visit their pets. The reunion of the bitch and Giovanni was filmed, and a small miracle occurred at that time as you will see:

Deborah Del Sere

It is hardly perceptible yet, the The face of the septuagenarian has indeed relaxed. His body also reacted to the presence of canine by brief shocks. The bitch has been very sensitive because she immediately began to stir the tail.

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