In China, a city forbidden to have more than one dog per household

After the one-child policy, here is the policy of the single dog!

In the Qingdao City east of China , having more than one dog per household is now strictly prohibited. People who do not comply with this new regulation will have to pay a large fine.

Strict measures and banned breeds

If now owning more than one dog in the city of Qingdao is fined more than 200 euros is not everything. The city also banned no less than 40 dog breeds, including dogs known to be "ferocious" such as the pit bull, the Dobermann and the Tibetan Mastiff. Other more surprising breeds are forbidden, like the Newfoundland, the German Shepherd...

The good news is that all owners of more than one dog can obviously keep them because this law does not apply only the new owners who must also pay about fifty euros to register their dog.

The idea of ​​this new law is already cringe is obviously to limit as much as possible accidents around dogs or different neighborhood conflicts. Still, this law seems really very strict and does not like very much to the inhabitants of the city of Qingdao.

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