In Carcassonne, a dog finds his family 8 years after his disappearance

Once again, a beautiful story helps to convince us that we must never lose hope. It's been 8 years since Charly's family had heard from him. This Bichon crossed Poodle today 12 years had disappeared from the garden of his masters on Father's Day, and despite their research, these people of Herault have not found.

8 years old in another house

Having lost all hope of one day seeing their four-legged companion, the Fontanelle-Mathis finally resigned , and a new dog, Marilou, is entered their lives to help them mourn.

But last week, reports The Independent , the unimaginable happened: Laurence and her husband received a letter from the SPA from Carcassonne. Charly was found at the home of an elderly woman who had just passed away.
" On February 26, the Carcassonne SPA collected four dogs after the death of their mistress, three of whom were identified at name of the deceased lady, except for one. The tattoo of Charly mentioned the name and address of another owner , Héraultais "says Laurène Despènes, volunteer at the SPA.

L importance of identification

It was last week, Friday, that Charly found his first family. And if he has obviously " been loved and very well cared for ", he was delighted! little Agatha was only a baby when the dog disappeared, and her little brother, Anatole, was not yet born.

If this story is a beautiful message of hope for all those who have lost their animals, it also reminds us how important it is to have your 4-legged friend identified. Because if Charly had not been, it was a very dark future that he would have been promised. " Without the tattoo, Charly would have stayed in the box, and if he had been brought to another SPA than the one in Carcassonne, given his advanced age, he could have been euthanized " explains Laurène Despènes .