By car, they see a black object on the roadside, stop and do not come back

It was less one!

It was in Japan several months ago that this story unfolded. In the car on a rainy day, a couple sees through the window something black on the side of the road . Astonished, the couple decides to park to get a closer look. This is where the man and the woman discover a little kitten in very bad condition.

You should know that in Japan, everything is in its place and everything is particularly clean. That's why the kitten jumped in the eyes of these two people , surprised to see something abandoned on the side of the road when it is not at all usual.

Covered with dirt, the kitten was almost dying and was totally soaked by the rain. He needed help. The couple then decides to take the kitten home to clean and offer a little warmth before accompanying him to the vet. Clean and warm, the kitten is taken to the veterinarian who discovers that he weighs less than 300 grams and that he suffers from a respiratory infection for which he must be treated.

A large change

Five months after his rescue on this rainy day, the kitten has become a beautiful cat who now weighs 5 kilos and who loves his new humans that he follows absolutely everywhere, even in the bathroom! Very affectionate, the cat quickly became a full member of the family .

And a year later, the cat is totally unrecognizable with a beautiful generous fur. A real pasha. Hard to imagine that one day his life was in danger.

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