In Canada, a woman fights to save puppies from dog overpopulation (Video)

Much has been said about Canada since the beginning of the year.

First, for this tragic fact 100 sled dogs killed, then for the animal cruelty reform that followed

Soon, animal abusers will be fined $ 75,000 and two years in prison

But the government is not the only one to act.

A woman, worried by the fate of Nordic dogs suffering from dog overpopulation , has decided to put everything in to help save them from their plight

A fight against dog overpopulation

Cathy Samson is the founder of Northern Puppies , an association that helps abandoned puppies in the north from Canada. Thanks to the help of volunteers, she strives to find a host family in the metropolis, in Montreal.

She started by bringing a dog for her, but her grandmother She could not agree to leave all the others in distress.

She explains that she felt helpless in the face of these dogs' problems: hunger, cold, abandonment and illness ... something had to be done

Indeed, if no one picks them up the authorities catch the stray dogs then euthanize them to avoid dog overpopulation . Cathy adds that there are very few veterinarians in northern Canada, sometimes

A new life for these puppies puppies

take place in several stages. First, locate abandoned dogs in the north using their contacts. Next, they must be sent to Montreal. Other volunteers then entrust them to families still in love with these small balls of hair full of energy

Cathy entrusts humbly:

"My project is on a very small scale, but at least, we offer better living conditions to some dogs by bringing them to the South. " Yet, thanks to his will and that of the volunteers who accompany him, it is fifty or so dogs who now live in a home that loves them. The combined actions of Northern Puppies and other associations thus allow to offer a better life to all

dogs. Find all info to follow the association at end of the video and visit the Nordic Puppy Blog . And you, are you volunteers for animal welfare associations