In the bus, she complains that a cat in a stroller occupies a place, but the reason is upsetting

Sometimes you have to find out before you complain...

On October 6th, Mia Jade Wilson complained that a stroller occupied by a cat was taking over of a stroller with a child and that a mother is forced to take her child with her because of that.

"No matter what the problem is, I think that cat should never have priority over a child.

But as often, things were not so simple ...

A cat in poor health

A few days after this case of "cat in stroller" , another woman spoke to give another version of the facts. Lindsey Elliott is the best friend of the person who owns this famous stroller of the discord. She then contextualized the whole story. The cat was in a stroller because he was just coming from the vet who diagnosed him with a kidney problem. In addition, the mistress of the cat - who is called Scooby - is suffering from several mental health problems and needs him as "support."

Lindsey Elliott also says that her friend has proposed to give up her place to a mother , but the bus driver refused, indicating that she was there first and was therefore entitled to this place for her stroller and her cat.

Living 20 minutes from the vet , the mistress of Scooby would have had a hard time bringing it home without this stroller because the cat is quite impressive and especially had just been sedated. It was therefore not able to walk .

"I think that people who do not have animals can not understand. They do not realize that these animals become members of our family, and my friend has no one else in her life.

And Lindsey Elliott concludes that eventually the mother found another place for her stroller and that her child did not need to stay up.

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