Immersed in a diabetic coma, he owes his dog's life

Dogs are our best friends, and they never tire of we prove it day after day. We told you a few days ago the touching story of Brianna, a little epileptic girl, and her dog Charlie, who watches over her like a guardian angel. Today, our hero, or rather our heroine, is called Looby Loo . She lives in West Ham, England

"I owe life to this dog "

This bitch, a German Shepherd adopted into a shelter, saved the life of her master, Toby Snow, then that he was plunged into a diabetic coma. " I owe this dog life - a wonderful dog," he says at The Argus . " I do not know how Looby Loo knew, maybe she has a sixth sense (...) If she had not come to my rescue, I would be dead " he says
Last Tuesday, at around 6:30 am, Toby and his partner Marie were sleeping soundly when they were awakened by barking and lashing the dog . " I woke up, I was barely conscious and everything was hazy, Looby Loo also woke Mary, who looked at me, and realized that I was in a diabetic coma " tells

Mary immediately called the fire department and gave her medicine to Toby, who has been suffering from diabetes for many years. But his glucose level is still very low. The helpers had to put him on a drip so that he would come back to him. An hour later, he began to regain strength.

Looby Loo, she will be even more spoiled than usual! New toys, treats, her masters hear her how grateful they are! If she had not stepped into the room to wake them up, Toby might be dead...

The ability of dogs to detect diseases, such as diabetes and cancer, and to predict seizures like those caused by epilepsy is absolutely incredible. And scientists have certainly not finished wondering about donations from our best 4-legged friends.
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