Ikea helps abandoned dogs from Singapore

The most famous Swedish furniture manufacturer has decided to put its success for the benefit of stray dogs! Recognizing that some shelters have too little visibility , the giant Ikea decided to help reach a new audience to find families.

Operation Home for Hope was first launched in partnership with Save Our Street Dogs in Singapore. The latter struggles as best as possible since 2011 to find teachers to the few hundred abandoned dogs of the city.

And since then, new partners have been added to the project, as well as other furniture suppliers as the association Animal Lovers League .

Giving visibility to stray dogs

To show the general public all the dogs available for adoption, in the hope that new masters will come forward, Ikea has had for idea to integrate the doggies in its stores in Singapore. Or at least, to represent them there. Indeed, their photos were printed on size panels. These were then placed in the different rooms of the showroom, to integrate them in the decor: in the dining room next to the table, sitting on an armchair, or in the middle of the living room.

Visitors, to the base come to furnish themselves with furniture, will then be obliged to see these dogs without family represented in the store. Each one of them has a small explanatory note, and all the interested people will have to go on the website of the operation to get all the information about the animal.

And even if Not all Ikea customers will necessarily adopt a dog, the Home for Hope project can at least expose the public to the actions of associations such as Save Our Street Dogs and from the raise awareness of the cause of stray dogs in their city. The association therefore benefits from a great communication campaign that it could not afford in normal times, which can only help dogs to find a new home .

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