If the animals participated in the Olympic Games...

... we would be shriveled! Indeed, a British study shows that if the animals participated in the Olympics , the feats of our competitors would pale compared to theirs.

High jump, race, swim, compare our glorious athletes a little to wild animals and our pets .

Animals VS humans, who will win the medal?

For more than a week, the French have marveled at their screens and in the stands of London face the exploits of their bipedal champions. But what would be the brilliant and highly acclaimed Jamaican runner Usain Bolt against the cheetah on the test of 100 meters ?

" In purely physical competitions, like running, jumping or swimming... we could not win anything "says Professor Craig Sharp of London's Brunel University

Let's review some Olympic events and imagine our sports stars compete against their four-legged counterparts.

The race

Usain Bolt , Jamaican sprinter, holds the world record in the 100m with a speed of 37.6 km / h for 9.58 seconds, a real feat for the human being but a laughable record for the cheetah that achieves the same distance 5.8 seconds running at 104 km / h

Thus, if the Jamaican competes with the "athletes" of the animal kingdom, he would certainly be behind with the dromedary (9.8 k m / h) leaving far ahead the podium at pronghorn antelope ( 89 km / h), North African ostrich (64 km / h) and at Greyhound Greyhound timed at 62, 76 km / h . The Greyhound Greyhound is currently the fastest dog in the world .

The cheetah, stronger than Usain Bolt in the race

The high jump

No need to say that in high jump , if we compare the feats of our Olympic competitors to the natural prowess of animals, human beings are ridiculed.

, the Cuban Javier Sotomayor who broke the record in high jump jumping 2.45 meters , would soon be overtaken by the south gazelle african springbok (3 meters) and the Australian kangaroo (3 meters)

The long jump

In this ordeal, the animals would still do wonders, leaving our champions panting. Thus, the American Mike Powell jumping at 8.95 meters would have a hard time competing against kangaroo that could leap up to 12.8 m . But we could compete against our dog friends whose world record of Dog Jumping is 9 meters .


Even for Yannick Agnel or Camille Muffat , our French champions, it is impossible to compete against the swordfish which can reach a top speed of 110 km / h True Cheetah of the Seas


As for Boxing , which Kangaroo or l 'human ' would be the best? Impossible to say, everyone is free to choose the winner he wants!

The Decathlon

Finally, according to Professor Sharp , human beings could save their honor in decathlon : " We are good in terms of versatility: we can sprint, run long distances, jump, swim and lift weights ".

If the animals often excel in one or two categories, the human being can play on versatility and be good in many disciplines. The honor of human beings is therefore safe!