Ideal period for canine mating

The detection of the ideal period is difficult for both individuals and breeders. It is however essential especially if one uses a stallion whose one pays the seed. Ovulation starts from the 11th day and continues until the 15th day.

It is therefore at this moment that it is necessary to practice the projection, the ideal being to realize two or three at regular intervals during this favorable period. But counting the days is not the most reliable method

The date of the ideal breeding should be determined after smear and determination of progesterone because many bitches do not follow not the theoretical calculation of the days

The Pap smear : We study the modification of the vaginal cells according to the periods of the cycle.

The dosage of progesterone : The bitch secretes this hormone just before the 'ovulation. Its detection in the blood makes it possible to know that ovulation is very close. There is a progesterone threshold from which ovulation is certain. Once the threshold is exceeded, the bitch must be protruded within 48 hours.