Ideal diet for the cat

Here is a summary of the foods the cat likes and how to serve them.

  • Meat

In which form: Any type is appreciated (from b & oelig; uf , of horse, of pork)
How to serve it: cooked and cut into small pieces
Quantity: 100 g

  • & OElig; uf

In what form: yellow
How to serve: cooked
Quantity: once a week

  • Fish

In what form: any type is appreciated
How to serve: cooked and boneless
Quantity: 100 g

  • Poultry

In what form: Appetizing and easy to digest, prefer the fatty parts
How to serve: cooked (note: remove the parts made sharp by the bones)
Quantity: 100 g

  • Cheese

In what form: Well accepted food. Avoid cheese that is too fat like Roquefort, Gruyere, etc.
How to serve it: at the same time as another lighter dish
Quantity: max. 20 g

  • Milk

Popular food rich in calcium
How to serve: from time to time and only to cats who love it; in case of diarrhea, stop giving
Quantity: at will

  • Vegetables

In what form: they facilitate digestion; asparagus and courgettes are appreciated
How to serve: cooked and chopped mixed with meat
Quantity: very little

  • Cereals

In what form: pasta and oat flakes; rice, given too often, causes diarrhea
How to serve: little and mixed with meat (note: do not give to obese cats)
Quantity: very little

  • Canned food and croquettes

In which form: all varieties of good brand are indicated
How to serve: unreserved because they contain all the substances which the metabolism of the cat needs.

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