Hungry and lost, this cat has conquered the heart of the police who collected

Among his staff, the Bourke police station now has a very special new member. PC Slashe, a cat that had been picked up by police officers from the station was officially adopted, to the delight of his colleagues.

About a month ago, police officers at the Bourke police station in the east of Australia discovered on their doorstep a small ball of black hair, hungry and frozen. The heart broken by the poor condition of the cat, the officers immediately collected him to feed him and warm him up. The animal quickly found a real home and a family within the station and eventually took up residence there. Today fully recovered and in good shape, he never leaves a mate his companions he spoils cuddles and purring.

Official feline agent

Become full member of the team that s is paid to pay for his care, food, litter and all he needs to make him feel at home, he was definitely adopted by the police station who gave him a small name. The cat is now called PC ("feline officer") Slashe , in reference to the local soda, and its mission is to track down the mice, ensure the safety of the station and help his new colleagues to write their reports

The new mascot

The four-legged agent is unanimous. "He is affectionate and adorable , everyone has fallen for him," enthused Officer Belinda Hurst at Daily Liberal . Even people who are not too cats have not resisted. He keeps us company during night shifts. "The new career of Splashe in the police forces is bright (between two naps).

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