How a young woman and a wandering bitch have saved each other

She could have lived the worst... But the help of a wandering bitch will upset her life forever.

Have you ever asked anyone to pretend to give you a shot? If you experience, you will observe that your dog will run in record time to defend you. The explanation is very simple: your dog protects you. But the story of Pepper and Georgia is a little different. While she is not even her dog, Pepper is going to fly to the rescue of her mistress.

A walk that turns into a drama

On vacation in Crete, the 25-year-old Briton enjoys a pleasant sunny vacation. The last night, his boyfriend and fellow traveler decides to go to drink in a bar. Georgia prefers to have a solo ride on a beach on the island. Unfortunately, the walk will not be as pleasant as expected... Two men approach the student and force her hand to go for a drink. Problems happen when their insistence joins violent acts . Georgia is panicked. Until...

The bitch runs to the rescue of Georgia

Pepper, a small wandering dog alerted by the distress of the pretty brunette rushes to his rescue. " She came out of nowhere and started to bark by jumping in. She saved me, she must have felt that something was wrong " tells Georgia, who history changed life.

As she returns to the rented apartment on the island, she is followed by the animal. Unfortunately, Georgia had to reach England the next morning and leave behind her who saved her life. "We turned around and Pepper was running behind the car, it was upsetting. " says the student.

A story that will bind them Forever

Back in her country, she does not forget Pepper: " When I came home, I could not stop thinking about her." Two weeks later, I took the first flight I found. ". The Englishman decides to adopt the dog she owes so much: " I took a real risk because I did not know if I was going to be able to retrieve it But when I saw her on the beach, I knew I had made the right decision. "

After a few paperwork and several hours in the air, Georgia and Pepper, ready to everything to help each other, are finally reunited.