How to use Bach Flowers for dogs

Natural medicine, Bach Flowers can solve many problems in dogs

Bach Flowers are a medicine that is both simple and subtle. "It is true that we can easily use them successfully in self-medication but sometimes, a mediator is needed to decipher behaviors and prescribe 2/3 adapted essences," explains Sophie Goetz, consultant in Bach Flowers specializing in animal communication

Taking into account the animal's past and his temperament, the therapist will reformulate in neutral language the problem and describe the transformation potential of the plants. It can also give educational advice, which, in parallel with the treatment, will allow the return to a calm situation between the master and the dog.

How to administer the Bach Flowers to the dog?

You can pour a few drops directly in the mouth and / or in the drinking water, even on food or on a treat. " It is the frequency that is important more than the quantity. I advise giving 4 times 4 drops per day , says Sophie Goetz.

The Rescue remedy also exists in the form of cream, which has the same properties as the drops and soothing and healing virtues for the dermis. To be applied to a part of the body that is slightly covered with hair, such as inside the pavilion of the ear or under the abdomen.

It is possible to use up to 5 plants at the same time , but may suffice. If the prescription is relevant, the results will begin to appear after 10 days with treatment times of 1 to 2 months.