How to turn your home into a cat paradise?

Demanding, cats like everything to be perfect. Is your home up to expectations?

It must be recognized that cats are the law at home. So, when it comes to decorating, we arrange to please them by creating a comfortable place where they can sleep, a dining area that has style and, of course, by choosing designer furniture on which they can climb.

1. Stylish chair

By Sara Tuttle Interiors - Find more pictures of romantic rooms

What do you think of this chair? I had it lined with a very graphic fabric and I think you would agree that having it hemmed with a black band is a great idea. I thought I would cover the file, but when I sleep three quarters of the day, I do not have much time left to sew.

2. A wall mural for the desire to escape

By Desire to Inspire - Find more bohemian lounges

I've always dreamed of being an adventurer - climbing trees, crossing rivers - but I never found the energy or the courage to do it. A large forest sticker wall is enough for me to escape: from my comfortable bench, I have a breathtaking view of a beautiful landscape. Why should I get my feet dirty?

3. Cocooning Chair

Directed by Betty's Room, LLC - Discover more pictures of minimalist rooms

When I was offered my own chair, I insisted it be the the work of a designer. I wanted something that really suits me, in which I feel good, like this chair in the shape of an egg. You understand, I must be to my advantage in all circumstances, it is not negotiable!

4. Parquet to admire

By Jessica Helgerson Interior Design - Find more design dining rooms

Do not get me wrong: I love parquet! This one, with its thin slats, is of a great beauty; unfortunately, it is too smooth and too bright for me to scratch. I just have to do my daily manicure elsewhere, on the feet of a chair, for example.

5. Creating a perfect dining area

By Harper Design from HarperCollins Publishers - Discover more eclectic home projects

Without boasting, only cats of a certain class are entitled to a design dining area. Okay, it's just a sticker, but it's all over!

6. A soft bed

By Catherine Staples Interiors - Look for more pictures of traditional rooms

It's no secret that I'm overwhelmed! Wandering as soon as the day comes, I spend my days going around trash cans and chasing birds. I therefore need a haven of peace where to relax and this one, with its very soft tones, is absolutely perfect.

7. Pretty Ready Supplies

By Valerie McCaskill Dickman - Discover more photos of eclectic homes

What's this dish? It's for dogs, right? Ok, the decor is great, the dishes coordinated impeccable, but what is in it looks nothing like fresh fish.

8. A dressing room to play hide-and-seek

Designed by Betty's Room, LLC - Find more pictures of cabinets and dressings design

Here is my dressing , functional and accessible . Well, I admit that I do not wear any of these clothes, but this place is fabulous to climb and swing. In addition, I happen to meet a cat rather pretty in the mirror.

9. A little place to bask

By Shades Of Green Landscape Architecture - Find More Design Deck Achievements

I spend most of my days outdoors - and my nights too, but keep that to yourself. This sofa outside is essential, I can bask at leisure thanks to its anti-stain and anti-moisture coating. Seriously, you did not think I was going to sleep on the floor, if?

10. Materials of different texture

By Drew McGukin Interiors @drewmcgukin - Discover more achievements of contemporary rooms

I am very sensitive to materials. Each has its own qualities: leather for its freshness, soft cotton ideal for naps, and of course wool, to make me scratch.

Sarah Alcroft
Editor for Houzz

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