How to transport your cat

Do you have to transport your cat? Veterinary Doctor Noémie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the Ecole Supérieure d'Aide Vétérinaires - Institut Bonaparte in Paris, gives her advice:

1) Know that, rare are cats, who like to be moved out from their house. It is therefore essential to avoid carrying your cat in your arms even on a leash. The first reflex of your cat if he is afraid will be to struggle, to scratch you, to flee.

2) Cage or basket, choose a closing system that the cat can not open. The cage should have vents and be easily cleaned.

3) Get your cat in and out of his cart or cage, playing it indoors, giving treats when he returns to it, placing a cushion there. And yes, a cat can be educated and with these tricks it will become a familiar place for him.

In conclusion : Never carry your cat in your arms, even for a short trip. Place it in a closed and ventilated cage. Get your cat used to this space by using it at home as a hiding place, a place where your cat likes to go.

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