How to take the temperature of your dog?

To know if your dog has a fever or not, it is important to know how to take his temperature correctly.

How to take the temperature of his dog ? This is a question that many homeowners are asking themselves. Some might think that it is not necessary to take the temperature of an animal, but it does not prevent that it is the best way to know if it has a fever or not. So, here are some tips for practicing this exercise without any incident.

Tips for taking the temperature of your dog

First, you need to install your dog on a table. Then, raise his tail. Beforehand, moisten the dog thermometer and gently introduce it. The hardest thing is done ! You only have to let it act for a few minutes . Finally, you need to remove it and clean it with a piece of cotton.

Above all, do not forget to note the degree reached by the mercury column. The normal temperature of the dog varies between 38 and 39 ° C. So if your dog is in this slice, do not panic! Otherwise, it may mean that he is smelling something and other exams may be necessary for the vet.