How to prevent cat obesity

It is important to know prevent cat obesity , especially when it comes to a cat inside. As the old saying goes, prevention is better than cure!

- Intervene as soon as the cat begins to grow. The weigh every 3-4 months on the family balance. A good method is to first weigh the basket that serves as a tare, before weighing the cat in its basket.
- Intense physical activity . It means: play regularly with him, provide him with a stimulating environment and increase physical activity, especially after meals

Encourage the cat to move

For the encourage to move , do -play it by throwing mechanical mice or waving chopsticks with specific feathers, balls and elastics, or waving trinkets attached to the door knobs. A good idea is to decorate the living environment with amounts on which the cat can climb or through fabric tunnels sold in the shops, such as children's courses, and that cats also like a lot. The important thing is to encourage the cat to move and not to let him rest. One can also frequently change the place or type of hobbies, so that it is constantly prompted to move and explore new objects.

- Weigh systematically daily amount of food recommended by the veterinarian
- Do not be softened by giving extras . In this regard, we must never forget that milk is not a drink but a food, and that it therefore contributes to increasing the daily calorie intake.
- Ask the vet to prescribe a diet balanced from the first months and after sterilization. The reason for the weight gain after this intervention is controversial.

Some studies attribute it to a reduction in basal metabolism and a decrease in caloric requirements; others, on the other hand, to the excessive concessions made by the master, who in the long run establishes an ever closer affective relationship with his cat and expresses his affection for him in the supercharging .

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