How to prepare the birth of the cat

The approach of the farrowing will be clearly marked by

. Fifteen days will search for dark corners, cabinet interiors or storage rooms, where she will search through objects for a proper diaper.

To prevent her from would not be easy to help, better prepare one that satisfies her and insist on her until she accepts it.

A basket low easy to make and very appreciated by the cat consists of a big box completely closed, in which one will have practiced a round opening, to allow him to pass, about 25 cm of the soil.

The height between the the ground and the opening will prevent the kittens, once their eyes open, can go out to walk around the house, with the obvious risks that it would involve for them.

The box will be useful until the kittens reach the age of twenty days; it will then have to be replaced by another larger container, open on the top, to allow the mother to come in and out and to give light to the kittens who will then begin to play with each other.

On the bottom from this box, it is better to place clean newspapers, which the cat will cut into small pieces to offer a warm and soft mattress to its newborns.

The newspapers can easily be replaced by others, dry, once the farrowing done, and only then can we place a piece of clean cloth.

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