How to make your dog happy when you are away?

It happens sometimes in the life of a master of dog to be absent (work, weekend, holidays...). But in these cases, how to occupy his dog? How to make it possible for him to enjoy his days when we are far from him?

Many solutions , today, exist for the greatest happiness of your companion of the everyday life.

Stimulate his intellectual activity

To counter this dog boredom, why not occupy your dog with exercises that can meet his need to do activities. Who says activity, does not necessarily say physical activity, and frolic at full speed! The mental effort , the different physical activities can also do the business while waiting for you.

Thus, many Reasonably priced toys can stimulate awakening , independently of your dog and his greed! The smell of the reward will appeal to the motivation of your dog to understand the mechanism of some toys and thus, reach his grail... with a hint of gluttony.

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Let hover your scent... or toys!

Another activity to fill your boredom is to let your smell near his kennel or in your home on a piece of clothing. A solution for, potentially, avoiding some anxiety attacks to fill a really short absence.

Otherwise, you always have the possibility to leave your favorite toys available for him to escape, forgetting your absence, with objects that are familiar to him . A complement to the first solution because Toutou will not eat all day! It's not good for your health

Occupy it outside

Do you think you're out for a few hours and leave your dog alone? Why not anticipate this absence by doing one or more activities with him outside? A nice walk? A little jogging? Or any other activity that will spend all its energy

Indeed, it will allow your dog, during your absence, to rest and recover from the effort that he has just completed. Nevertheless, do not leave him alone all day

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Volunteers to the delight of your dog

If you prefer that your dog be accompanied and can do all the activities he likes and needs to do, so have him kept by a person who can meet all his needs, his favorite activities.

The website Borrow My Dog allows masters to find volunteers who wish to pamper a dog for a moment as long as it needs to be (a few hours, a day, a weekend etc.) .). Make meet your dog a tata or uncle in a secure setting and in an environment familiar to the eyes of Toutou.

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