How to make a successful photo of your dog?

You've probably noticed that making dog pictures is not easy. And that's normal, not being provided with the embarrassment "modeling", your dog does not know that he is supposed to take the pose by displaying his best profile.
Even admitting that your dog is the most beautiful, the strongest, the smartest (is not it!) and that he is always cute full of pictures, there is often a detail that is wrong... his eyes!
Blue, yellow, red , green... a real fireworks
A little explanation: when you take a picture and the flash fires the moment your dog looks at you, his eye discolours. So far, nothing exceptional, it's the same for us humans.
But the dog, like his friend the cat, is nyctalope. No, it is not an insult, it means that he sees the night.
It is thanks to the tapetum lucidum, a reflective surface behind the retina that returns the light, that they have this faculty.
But it is also because of this that the light of the flash that passes through the discolored lens is reflected there when you take the picture.
And if there are different colors it is because There are different species and different ages. It also depends on the breed of dog or cat. In puppies and kittens, the reflection is blue.
In dogs with a dark color, it is green, in those with a light color it is yellow, and in other species like Husky or cat Siamese with very few pigments in the eye, it is red like in humans
What to do
- Do not take your pet in front, especially if the intriguer is looking at you
- Take the picture in a bright place and preferably without flash (attention to the backlight).
- If this is not enough, there are software easy to use and free, such as Pet Eye , which allows to correct these unfortunate defects
Promised with these tips, your dog will no longer look supernatural and become the most beautiful in the world!