How to make your cat lose weight

Your cat is too fat? Here are the tips of a veterinarian to make him lose weight! Dr. Noémie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the School of Veterinary Aids - Institut Bonaparte in Paris, explains how to make your cat lose weight:

1) Overweight and obesity are unfortunately extremely common especially in sterilized and sedentary cats. This overweight does not only have consequences on the silhouette of your companion. It is also a factor triggering or promoting sometimes serious diseases. It is therefore important to make your cat lose weight

2) It is necessary to act at the level of the food. Limit sides, leftover tables, treats. There are also specially developed foods for weight loss. You will find them at your veterinarian, who will give you valuable advice on the dose to give.

3) To prevent your cat is hungry, you can use smart bowls that gradually release the kibble. For example, there are balls that release the kibble one by one when the cat pushes them, or bowls in which the cat must fetch the croquettes with his paw. This slows food intake

4) Your cat needs activity for his behavioral balance but also to lose calories. Balls, feather duster, fishing rods everything is good to stimulate your cat and encourage him to play.

In conclusion : delete the side-by-side, use a diet for overweight in limited quantity. Favor the anti-wolverine bowls and play with your cat, so that he spends calories.

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