How to occupy your dog when you are at work

What to do with your dog when you work? This is one of the questions every dog ​​lover had to ask in his life and especially when living in the city. But above all, how do you make sure that Toutou does not get bored during your absence?

A trip to the office?

There is the possibility of taking her with you to your job if your boss accepts it is the case at AllCreatureAnimalClinic! But not all companies allow pets on their premises. If you have the opportunity, then take him with you. This will allow him not to be alone and bring good humor to work. The presence of a dog is always unanimous, believe us!

But the work environment can be tricky for a dog. Indeed, he will be with you but not in his usual environment, you can not be constantly present for him. Similarly, apart from a few necessary outputs, he can not really benefit from a real walk, play games, activities.

A uncle or a tata to pamper him?

Then come the possibilities to have him guarded by people who offer their service to pamper your dog. But on a daily basis, the pet sitting solutions, and in particular the dog sitters , represent a real budget (around 15 euros on average during the day). While your dog will be in good hands, will be busy when you can not handle it, but this is a solution that few dog masters can afford.

So what to do? Solutions thought for the happiness of your dog exist. Indeed, volunteers are willing to put their free time to be able to pamper your dog when you are away. Families are ready to welcome your dog for a longer or shorter period. However, it is a reciprocal exchange. The day this same family will have to keep their pet, it will appeal to you.

Otherwise, you always have the opportunity to meet volunteers, passionate about doggies, who put their free time to have a good time with your dog and avoid him having to stay alone. A site like Borrow My Dog allows masters, especially in large French cities, to find one or more trusted people to keep their dog free and a few steps from their home . Find a tata or uncle who puts his free time to practice the favorite activities of your dog (there is for all the chops), there is no better motivation for the happiness of Toutou.

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