How to enjoy the summer? The answer of Brock the Boxer (Video of the day)

That's it, it's finally summer ! And for our little companions, summer is also often synonymous with holidays ! The opportunity for them to enjoy the beautiful days! Brock the Boxer gives you some tips for spending a fun summer !

When it's hot , our dog friends can of course spend their days in gasp, spread like pancakes on the floor. But it's a lot more fun to cool down with fun , is not it?

In this case, nothing like a small bathing : a splash in the pool, or a dip in a lake, and that's how to join the useful to the pleasant.

If this pleasure can be shared with a dog friend , or if it gives Instead of a duck hunt, happiness will be complete!

Do not forget to hydrate yourself by drinking water. And drinking from the garden hose is even more fun!

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