How to detect cat obesity

We hear more and more often about cat obesity . And we know that overweight in general is not only an aesthetic problem, but also a metabolic one, which has a whole series of consequences on the body . Everyone is now convinced of this, and everyone is more or less interested in keeping fit .

Teachers do things differently with their cats, and a recent study shows 40% cats are overweight , when they are not really obese. Faced with this problem, the masters retort: ​​"I like it like that, beautiful, round, soft, mellow. Or: "He may be a little chubby, but how to put him on a diet? " That is true. However, this is a serious problem because, as in the case of humans, obesity decreases the quality and lifespan of cats.

Damage is serious and irreversible . We must therefore study how to detect it, the risk factors, the damage caused, how to prevent it and combat it when it is already present.

Palpation of the ribs

We put the palms of the hands on the sides of the thorax by moving them back and forth, the ideal being to count the ribs with the fingertips without exerting pressure.

Palpation of the back

One passes the hand on the column vertebral down to the pelvis. Everything is perfect when you feel the bone growths of the vertebrae and a good muscle mass on each side of the spine (flat back and muscular).

Evaluation of the ventral fat pocket

By passing the hand under the belly of the cat, we feel the "fat exchange" located at the level of the inguinal region. Its volume should be low and it should not evoke a small fat off.