How to clean the teeth of the cat

clean teeth and Healthy gums are essential for cats, who often suffer from severe gingivitis that can lead to tooth loss.

To brush the cat's teeth , it is advisable to use daily toothpaste for cats, which the it is placed on the gums without brushing, because the daily routine hygiene with a brush is much more theoretical than practical.

This deserves an attempt however - to the extent that the cat consents.

Antiscalcakes, mixed to food, can contribute to the reduction of dental plaque in the cat's mouth

Tips of the vet to clean the teeth of the cat

Dr. NoƩmie Tommasini, Director and Trainer at the Graduate School veterinary aids res - Institute Bonaparte in Paris, gives you his advice to clean the teeth of your cat,

1) You will need:
- a toothpaste for veterinary use, which will remove plaque while being appetizing (that is to say, it tastes great for your cat)
-of a toothbrush or a fingerstall, the fingerstall is a plastic tip that is placed on his finger and replacing the brush.
You have everything? Let's go: place your cat comfortably on a table or on your lap according to its size

2) The first time , put a drop of toothpaste on your finger and let the cat taste it. You will see he will take it spontaneously. Here he is warned. Now put a dash of toothpaste on the brush or on the fingerstall.

3) With your less skilled hand, lift your cat's lip. With the other hand, take the toothbrush or the fingerstall and rub the surface of the teeth. No need to rinse!

If the gum looks swollen, red, if it is painful, remember to consult your vet.

In conclusion : use cat toothpaste, lift the lips, rub the tooth surface with toothpaste. To be effective, the brushing of the teeth must be done regularly, about 1 time per week.

Lastly, the brushing of the teeth, delays the appearance of the pie but will not replace the descaling at the vet.

> A veterinarian explains on video how to wash his cat's teeth

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