How to choose a kitten in a litter?

It is important to choose a kitten active and player supporting the caresses and manipulations. Squat down and observe which kittens are friendly and curious, who come to rub you. Raise the kittens one after the other in your hands to see if they are comfortable

A normal kitten will either try play , or sit in the arms and purr . When laying on the floor, the kitten should try to follow you. Try to play again. A sick cat is neither curious nor energetic; besides he will not come to you. A shy kitten will seek to hide under furniture and stay there: this kitten prefers to avoid humans and can become aggressive in a new environment.

Importance of the age of the kitten

Then firmly grasp each kitten by the neck skin and hang it 50 cm from the floor. If the kitten is aggressive, it will struggle instead of staying still, writhing and scratching to get out.

The age of the kitten is important. It should not be separated too soon from his family: games of hide and seek, fights between brothers and sisters and corrections imposed by the mother are necessary for a good balance. The most difficult kittens are often bottle-fed by humans, unless they are placed in a family that already has a cat. This one will complete his education.