How to build a "winter garden" for his (pa) cat?

Bandit is a happy indoor cat. Its masters, two British named Edward Walker and Julia Kleinsteuber, have created an outdoor space... in their home.

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The feline now has a high-altitude refuge surrounded by green plants and bathed in natural light in the heart of the young couple's living room . He likes to take naps while purring and watch the pigeons go by.

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Why set up such a space?

Bandit s was boring because it was impossible for him to see through the windows. We were looking for a sunny spot with a little spot in the sun where he could sleep purring. Today, he is happy, lively and playful!

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Where did you get the idea from? What does Bandit think about it?

Since Bandit is an indoor cat, we wanted to create a space outside ... in the house! We came across an article about indoor cats explaining their need for natural light and outdoor views. Felines are jealous of their space and like to walk on different levels. So we installed a shelf where he can go up and find his basket. Bandit spends hours up there. He sits down, throws a glance around, and eyeing the pigeons!

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What do the friends who make you think visit?

They love it. If the space is laid out for the cat, it is also very pleasant for us. Many plants grow here, they add color and life to our little interior. Bandit loves his little garden, the proof, when the guests arrive, they always see him lying in his basket.

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À What did this space look like before the garden?

In our previous apartment, the windows were tall and narrow, they were not facing south and Bandit did not enjoy the sun as much. He did not have his own space and even less his personal climbing structure! When we got here, we wanted to create this little paradise

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Next step?

Bandit has already done some winter garden his little kingdom. We will try to improve it with new plants and shelves on the wall so that Bandit can climb. We even think about giving him a fountain to drink!

Some plants and cut flowers, especially lilies, can be harmful for cats. Ask a professional for advice and if your cat shows any signs of inflammation, consult your veterinarian.

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