How to avoid dog worms

To prevent the appearance of worms or roundworms in dogs, here are some tips to apply to protect your dog effectively and sustainably

- Let the dog fast once a week with only raw bones and water or broth to drink. This weakens the worms, the elimination of which will be facilitated by the administration of castor oil .

- Homeopathy : it reinforces the action of the deworming and attenuates the disorders related to worm infestation (slimming, skin disorders, nervousness...). Give 5 granules of Cina 7 CH (origin: Judea sagewort) twice a day for six days. On the 7th day, give the vermifuge prescribed by the veterinarian. If needed, repeat 5 granules twice a day for six days two months later.

- There are plants that kill worms, but beware of their potentially toxic effects. Juliet Baïracli Levy uses preparations based on tansy, wormwood, rue, walnut, cloves, pepper, male fern rhizome (oil, mother tincture or tablets), bark of pomegranate root, It associates with a previous fast, with enrobing and laxative cereals and with vegetable charcoal, which absorbs the waste at the end of treatment (see her protocol adapted by Dr. Pitcairn). There are tablets with different deworming plants that you can find in organic store

for example - here are some other natural substances that can be used in pest control

: essential oil of basil, essential oil of bergamot tree, essential oil of Roman chamomile, essential oil of caraway, pyrethrum, santoline, oak polypode, rhizome of rhubarb, gentian... It is advisable to consult a naturopath veterinarian who will set up safe and proven treatment Caution : Some worms (roundworms, hookworms) can be transmitted to humans

, especially children who play on contaminated soil. As long as you are not sure that the worms have been eradicated, carefully collect all the feces to bury them deep in a place or eliminate them in the toilet. In case of conventional "chemical" treatment

(based on pyrantel in the form of pamoate, fenbendazole, metronidazole, praziquantel...), you will complete it with a phytotherapy treatment intended to drain the liver, overloaded by the excess of waste and toxins released by the chemical substance administered. More granules of homeopathy: Cina 9 CH, 5 granules twice a day for six days. On the 7th day, administer the vermifuge prescribed by the veterinarian. If needed, renew two months later: 5 granules twice daily