How Chicago settles its problem of stray cats: an example to follow

Like Los Angeles or New York, the city of Chicago has many stray cats. Cats without family or shelter, who have recently seen their lives change . Street cats have indeed been offered a job, a real one, with the bed and the cover at the key. Many breweries in the city have adopted cats to drive rats out of their establishments and protect their grain supply.

Chicago is full of rat-infested breweries and stray cats ready to put their hunting instincts to work.

The program Cats at Work was set up by an animal protection association, the Tree House Humane Society , which also places cats in factories, barns , restaurants, loading docks and other Chicago backyards.
These cats are non-domestic, they are particularly good at hunting and do their job well. The mere presence of cats scares the rats, who are far less likely to venture on their guard yards. Some still dare to provoke the felines, but the latter being regularly fed, they rarely eat them.

A cat watches a distilelrie. (© instagram - whiskeydarek)

Since the launch of the program, 400 cats have been able to find work in Chicago and its suburbs, reports DNAinfo

All cats were vaccinated and sterilized by the association before being relocated to strategic locations. And all were introduced to their new environments with great care. " They are not wild animals, they are still domestic cats, but they have not been socialized, their socialization is still evolving, they can become very cool " says Jenny Schlueter, who manages Cats of Work .

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" The Cats at Work program is the only hope for many stray cats to be placed in safe places for rest of their life " underlines the association. Cats enjoy some comfort but are not confined as they would be in a shelter or a small apartment. They are also exempt from keeping company with humans if they do not want to.

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