How a cat allowed his owner to pay for his studies

Do you like cat videos? So you may have already seen the pictures of this beautiful black and white cat, who responds to the little name of Sox, watching in a mirror.
The cat takes all sorts of amazing breaks when he realizes that he is admiring his image, and the least we can say is that his funny dance has met with great success on the web. Put on line on Youtube in April 2013, this video has been viewed over 3.5 million times !

Fraser Napier, the happy human of this cat, did not imagine how much the images of his 4-legged companion would change his life. Thanks to this video, the young man from Manchester, England, earned enough money to pay for his studies at the University of Blackburn. Advertising has indeed added to this video chat and it is so, but also thanks to the other videos of Sox he then published, that Fraser Napier was able to raise a nice sum.

" I saw Sox on the edge of the bath, he was looking at himself in the mirror, so I started filming, and then I decided to post the video on YouTube , tells the Daily Mail the young man, 24 years old. " This is the first time I saw my cat behaving like that , so I ran to grab my phone and shoot that exact moment .

Great took it from him!