How did the rabbit Toby become the hero of his family

A watchdog? And why not a guard rabbit?

This seems crazy, but you may change your mind after reading Toby's story, a giant bunny ! Its owners, a British family, are convinced that their big-eared companion protected them from a burglar , by driving him away!

The rabbit scares the thief!

Everyone was asleep peacefully when the rabbit was awakened by the noises of a person having intruded into the house and rummaging through the closets. Neither one nor two, the 60 cm long rabbit started to hit the ground with his paws. Understanding that he had been spotted, the thief then took to his heels

" We went to bed on Wednesday at around 10 pm In the early hours of the morning, Toby, our rabbit, gave five kicks, very loud, I half awake and as he stopped, I went back to sleep "says Toby's owner, Kimberley May.

The Toby Rabbit became the hero of his family

" When I came downstairs, all the cabinets and drawers were open, there were items scattered everywhere, and we realized that we were missing things, and we phoned the police "

A hero with big ears

Kimberly is convinced that his rabbit is a hero that has prevented this burglary from going further. Several items were gathered on the couch, suggesting that the burglars or burglars have fled without having time to take everything, and especially to go upstairs where slept Kimberly and his 3 year old daughter.

Si Toby is in perfect health, it seems to have been shaken by this incident . The rabbit is very warm in nature, but since that night, he is less sociable...

But his family intends to pamper him more than ever to thank him and help him recover from his emotions.

A rabbit as effiace as a watchdog!