Horrible! A 16-year-old teenager puts his guinea pig in the microwave and films the

Vitoria Muller, a Brazilian teenager provoked a scandal by filming her pig d after having put it in a microwave

Because a friend asked him to put his guinea pig in the microwave and filming it in the process of "heating Vitoria Muller decided to run, without thinking more than that of the consequences of her act. In the short video, we can see the animal on the microwaves tray, spinning.

More fear than harm


Fortunately, the guinea pig has was quickly taken to the vet where he was diagnosed that everything was fine. Overwhelmed by the behavior of her daughter, Vitoria's father took her to the police station to take full measure of her actions. The girl then agreed to apologize.

"The animal is fine and on behalf of all our family I apologize . We all take great care of animals at home and we would never let anything happen again. All our excuses again, "said Vitoria's father on social networks.

It remains to be seen whether these excuses will be enough to calm social networks where several rather violent comments have been posted.

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