Honey Bee, a blind cat eager for adventure and discovery (Video of the day)

Honey Bee is the name of a cat who loves to go to adventure with his humans, this couple with a big heart who saved his life. Because at the shelter of the Fiji Islands where she was collected, nobody was interested in this poor kitten born without eyes .

Touched by the sad fate of this feline may be deprived of sight but certainly no energy or curiosity , Sabrina, who was then a volunteer at Animals Fiji Refuge, decided to bring her back with her to the United States in Seattle.

"Honey Bee was so funny and so affectionate that I had to bring her back home. "Animals Fiji is a wonderful little shelter and a non-profit veterinary clinic that looks after the animals of this country, and is one of the best places I've been a volunteer. internationally "said Sabrina on the Facebook page of her protegee

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It's decided to give Honey Bee the best possible life that the young woman has returned home. Sabrina then bought her a leash to be able to take her for a walk and discover the treasures that nature holds. Honey Bee does not see the things that surround her but she feels them of course, and these escapades with Sabrina seem to make her very happy.

" Honey Bee believes in celebrating the simple pleasures of life , like a summer day spent listening at the window," says the young woman. Sabrina hopes that by telling the Honey Bee story and showing what she is capable of doing, she will encourage others to adopt animals with disabilities or special needs.