Homeless, he climbs a cliff to save a dog!

An incredible act of bravery.

While he was on his way to Washington with his human, Hunter jumped out the window! Fortunately fortunately not injured during his fall, the dog was still in a delicate situation since he found himself on a cliff, retained only by ivy . It was thus necessary to quickly help him.

A risky rescue

Quickly arrived on the spot, the helpers note that the rescue will be complicated. The cliff is steep and we must not waste time because in case of a fall, the dog would fall directly on concrete ...

As they get organized, the relief sees a man arrive who offers them help. This is a homeless person who knows very well and is confident he can quickly put the dog out of danger. And that's what he does. Putting his life in danger, the man goes to find the dog who then finds his master. A very nice action totally free since the homeless then continued his way, without even leaving his name. A hero who will remain anonymous.

For his part, the master of Hunter was obviously very relieved to find his dog that he took to the vet to check that everything was fine.

Thanks to this man at large c & oelig ur, H unter is doing very well today i.

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